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PBS highlights transvaginal mesh problems

April 29th, 2013

Public Broadcasting Systems has highlighted transvaginal mesh complications in its “Need to Know” series. The video special featured patient Linda Gross, whose battle with transvaginal mesh problems has resulted in 22 revision surgeries.

As documented in “Need to Know,” Gross received a Gynecare Prolift developed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon to treat pelvic organ prolapse. Gross immediately suffered from pain and limited mobility when the mesh began to attach to her body tissue, and has since undergone years of treatment.

Gross was awarded more than $11 million in February 2013 when a jury determined that Ethicon did not properly warn her of the dangers associated with the mesh. More than 4,000 women have filed transvaginal mesh lawsuits against manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, alleging that the surgical mesh devices are defective.


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